Training Course „Media Culture in Youth Work“

Project Date:  31.07.- 07.08.2021

Project Venue: Velbert, Germany

Project Organizer: JuBuK

Project Partners from 9 countries: 

Latvijas jauniesu attistibas centrs (LATVIA) , Associació per la mobilitat internacional i emprenedoria YOUTH BCN (SPAIN), MTÜ Lapsepõlve Akadeemia (ESTONIA), Stowarzyszenie Projektow Miedzynarodowych „Logos Polska“ (POLAND), VsI „Jaunimo epicentras“ (LITHUANIA), Propósito Inadiável-Associação para Costumes Futuros (PORTUGAL), Asociatia MasterPeace Ro (ROMANIA), EUROPE EN BERRY TOURAINE (FRANCE)

Project Description: 

The primary goal of the project, is to teach youth workers how to shoot, edit and distribute online videos. We want to empower youth workers and youth leaders with the skill set and knowledge necessary for them to collaborate with youths in making online video content – videos which would carry strong social messages and which can in some instances lead to significant social change within a local, regional, national or international community.
A particular emphasis of our program was placed on working with youth workers in developing ways to encourage youth to work on online video projects that promote equity, social cohesion, and active citizenship as well as other European values.

A secondary goal of the project, was to aid youth workers understand the media landscape and in particular how youths interact with modern forms of technology, and some of the negative aspects related to media, including the phenomena and mechanisms of “fake news”.

Particular objectives:

  • to empower youth workers with the skill set and knowledge necessary for them to collaborate with youths, and aid them acquire some ICT related skills, which could lead them to take an interest in a variety of related career fields including  media or arts related fields, resulting in further digitalisation of society.
  • to foster digital competences in youth work
  • to enable international participants to interact and network together for the sake of positive change and development
  • to equip youth workers with the skill set that will help them to promote Erasmus projects and European values, activities of their organizations, social message through their own projects and initiatives.

The training course was based completely on the principles of non-formal education. It included simulation exercises, reflections, guided discussions, group work, theoretical inputs, movies, brainstormings, getting to know each other activities, youth pass activities, team building, theater, experiments, video shootings and techniques, use of social media, evaluation and many others. The main part of the training course was devoted to the technical experience of video making from the script, production to the online spreading strategies.

Links to the created videos:

Inside Your Eyes:

Link to Video

Are you OK?

Link to Video

E+ Invaders

Link to Video

Video about the project


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