Youth Exchange „You(th) in Rural Tourism“

Project Date: 21.06.-02.07.2021

Project Venue: Tsaghkadzor, Armenia.

Project Organizer: JuBuK

Project Partners from 6 countries:

YOUTH MIX (Armenia), Love and Care for People (Ireland), KAVKASIIS AKHALGAZRDULI KAVSHIRI(Georgia), Creative Youth Centre (Ukraine), EUROPE EN BERRY TOURAINE (France), Ticket2Europe (Spain).

Project Description: 

The Youth Exchange „You(th) in rural tourism“ took place in Tsaghkadzor, Armenia from 21.06-02.07.2021.

In the youth exchange 42 participants took part in the age of 18-30. Countries involved: Armenia, Ireland, Georgia, Ukraine, France, Spain and Germany.

Working Methods:
Youth exchange „You(th) in rural tourism” included different non-formal based learning activities tailored to the profiles of the participants. During the activity days, the participants firstly took part in getting to know each other activities (name games, ice-breakers), team-building activities. After creating open and safe atmosphere the participants focused on key issues of the youth exchange: essential knowledge about entrepreneurship and useful skills in the sphere of rural tourism, business planning, fundraising and also
business management. During the youth exchange, the participants took part in interactive presentations, debates and discussions, simulations, theater based activities and intercultural evenings. At the end of the project, the participants increased their knowledge of Erasmus + Programme and had an opportunity to work on developing new project ideas in mix-intercultural teams.
Each national team was represented by 5 participants and 1 group leader.

The elements of the learning process included:

a) application of the business idea,
b) presentations about the digital tools for the promotion of rural tourism,
c) general awareness of the topic and deep research of rural tourism and tour management,
d) element based on the methods of marketing and fundraising and the communication on different levels.

Objectives of the project:

  • to foster participants in creating their business plan and provide useful skills;
  • to promote participants with the knowledge about digital tools for the promotion of the business ideas;
  • to raise important knowledge about rural tourism and guesthouse business;
  • to present the advantages of European non-formal learning and “Erasmus+” programme based on
    entrepreneurship and youth unemployment;
  • to raise understanding and tolerance between each individual and provide a good atmosphere to combat
    stereotypical thinking, prejudice and etc.

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