Youth Exchange „Youth Against Online Hate“

Project Date: 1-10.06.2021

Project Venue: Alanya, Turkey.

Project Organizer: JuBuK

Project Partners from 5 countries:

ULUSLARARASI GENÇLİK DAYANIŞMASI DERNEĞİ (Turkey) , Czech Youth Association z.s. (Czech Republic) , SDRUZHENIE OBZORART (Bulgaria) , Associació per la mobilitat internacional i emprenedoria YOUTH BCN (Spain) , ASOCIATIA GEYC (Romania)

Project Description: 

The Youth Exchange „Youth Against Online Hate“ took place in Alanya, Turkey from 1-10.06.2021.

In the youth exchange 36 participants took part in the age of 18-30. Countries involved: Germany, Spain, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey.

Working Methods:
Youth exchange „ Youth Against Online Hate” included different non-formal based learning activities tailored to the profiles of the participants. During the activity days, the participants firstly took part in getting to know each other activities (name games, ice-breakers), team-building activities. After creating open and safe atmosphere the participants focused on key issues of the youth exchange: media literacy, fighting discrimination and hate speech, empowering young people to take active role in creating more socially inclusive society. During the youth exchange, the participants took part in interactive presentations, debates and discussions, simulations, theater based activities and intercultural evenings. At the end of the project, the participants increased their knowledge of Erasmus + Programme and had an opportunity to work on developing new project ideas in mix-intercultural teams.
Each national team was represented by 5 participants and 1 group leader.

Objectives of the project:

  • to strength media literacy competencies of the participants and develop their skills to implemented activities developing media competencies among young people in participants countries to fight discrimination and hate speech;
  • to increase understanding of media, the process of creating media messages with special focus to be paid to social media as one of the most popular communication channel of young people these days;
  • to strength participants knowledge of sources of hate speech and discrimination and to support sharing good practices of combating it through advocacy campaigns based on various media tools;
  • to increase participants competencies (teamwork, leadership, communication, creativity) through participatio in various non-formal based activities in intercultural settings;
  • to raise participants intercultural competencies and awareness

Project video made by participants:

Project Brochure

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