Synergy Project “The Effects of Climate Change in Gender Equality”

Project Date: 25.11-07.12.2020

Project Venue: Dhaka, Bangladesh

Project Partners: JuBuK Germany and MaDE, Bangladesh


  • Prepare a module on correlation between climate change and gender inequality and how to fight against it.
  • Advise youth community leaders/activists about the correlation between climate change and gender inequality.
  • Support youth leaders/activists about how they can act to reduce gender discrimination arises due to climate change effect.
  • Help youth leaders/ activists to promote gender equality in their communities.  


MaDE and Jubuk organized two workshops in Dhaka, Bangladesh. These workshops were in the topic about the effect of climate change in gender. The target participants were youth activists and youth leaders. They can utilize their knowledge gained through this workshop in their communities and motivate others to fight climate change to ensure gender equality. Jubuk staff visited Dhaka to facilitate the workshops.   Climate change affect different gender in a different way. Considering their socio economical statuses, women, persons from third gender and trans genders are considered most vulnerable. Natural disasters and climate change cause migration and displacement and they are the most to be affected by that from education, health and economic perspective. As Bangladesh is one of the most vulnerable countries in the world to climate change, so Jubuk plans to extend their expertise on gender to help the susceptible communities to ensure gender equality in relation to climate change.

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  1. I am Masereka Kikumbwa Godfrey working with Agency for Rural and Urban Development a community based organization operating in Kasese District Westen part of Uganda which is currently implementing the Restoration of the degraded Hotspots within the Rwenzori Mountains National park and the lower Mubuku and Nyamwamba sub-catchments for enhanced livelihoods and floods mitigation mechanism for biodiversity conservation and would like to be part of your program

    Gefällt mir

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