„Migractions“ – mobilities of staff in Adult Education

Project Date: 01.06.2019 – 31.05.2021

Project Organizer: JuBuK, Germany

Project Partners:

  2. Organization for Promotion of European Issues, Cyprus

Aims and objectives:

1- Developing staff (Trainers) competences and organizational capacities in the use of Education Through Sport (ETS) methodology as an instrument of enhancing the active involvement of Adult migrants in the society, as well as fostering native Adults awareness and stimulate including behaviour.
2- Developing staff (Trainers) competences and organizational capacities in using Digital Storytelling as a tool for enhancing communication and intercultural dialogue between native Adults and migrant Adults in the community.
3- Setting up long-term mechanisms of partnership and regular exchange of information/good practices with high-end European organizations working in the field of Erasmus+ Adult, thereby enhancing the scope and quality of the organization’s activities in the field.

Number of participants: 12 JuBuK staff, trainers and volunteers

Migractions Handbook:  

Project Activities: 

  1. Training Course at Organization for Promotion of European Issues in Paphos, Cyprus.

Date: 20-28.06.2020

The core topic addressed was the use of the Digital Storytelling method as an instrument of support to learning, reflection and communication of knowledge.

     2. Job Shadowing at Mine Vaganti NGO in Sassari, Italy.

Date: 04-19.07.2020

The Job Shadowing involved 2 leading staff members of JuBuK in a process of
work-based learning, exchange of knowledge and partnership building in the premises of the partner Mine Vaganti NGO.

3. Training Course at Mine Vaganti NGO in Sassari, Italy.

Date: 28.07.-05.08.2020

The Training Course was delivered through Education Through Sport (ETS) methodology and focused on developing participants‘ knowledge, skills and competences in using ETS as a tool for approaching the disadvantaged Adult target and fostering its acquisition of soft and transversal skills.

Certificates: Europasses and course specific certificates.


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