Youth Exchange „Digital Youth“

Project Date: 01-12.09.2019

Project Venue: Dilijan, Armenia

Project Organizer: JuBuK

Project Partners from 8 countries: 

Youth Mix (Armenia), AMSED (France)Ticket2Europe (Spain), ADVIT (Moldova), Geoclube (Portugal), Creative Youth Center (Ukraine), IGI (Georgia), 

Project Description: 

“Europe 2020 indicators – poverty and social exclusion” indicates that both men and women aged between 18 and 24 are the weakest circles from the angle of the social exclusion and poverty. The statistic of 2014 shows that almost one-third of young people at this age are at risk. But for the great disadvantage of unemployed young people have to face also geographic, educational, mobility and economic obstacles. „Unemployment statistics“ of Eurostat journal 2017 states that youth unemployment rates are generally much higher (double or more than double) than unemployment rates among other age groups.

EU institutions take measurements for boosting youth entrepreneurship thus reducing the unemployment rates.  ICT is the most demanded skill in the EU labor market.

Thus, realizing the importance of unemployment and mobility 8 partner organizations from Germany, Spain, Portugal, France, Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine and Moldova have unified their strengths to increase digital literacy among the participants, improve peer to peer learning, providing safe, informal environment of selfexpression, as well as encouraging each participants‘ involvement in project conception, preparation, organization, and assessment, thus making them be the inseparable part of the project, being both the object and the subject of the program.

The aim of our project is to enhance the level of digital and entrepreneurial literacy and specific skills concerning to it among the participants through several practice sessions, which were suggested by our group leaders and the participants.

Particular objectives:

– To increase the level of the participants’ digital and entrepreneurial literacy;
– To develop participants’ skills and competencies in various modern digital tools;
– To enrich participants’ skills and competencies in the field of entrepreneurship;
– To make it possible for the participants to get more chances for a better job via developing their competitive advantages;
– To promote mutual understanding, intercultural discourse, social engagement, and unity between young people in different countries;

Toolkit on Digital Tools Toolkit_Digital You(th)


Quotes from the participants‘ learning diaries:

8th day of our project was extremely funny and educational.
We’ve started with digital tools sessions about Simply Measured, SimilarWeb, and Keyword Planner. Group discovered these different tools and used it for some topics.
After the free time, we had an interesting lecture, which was dedicated for digital marketing, SMART goals, SEO, and SMM.
Our knowledge helped to create advertisment for famous coffee brand.
Last part of the day was dedicated for Portuguese and Moldovan cultural night. We had a lot of fun, laughing, quizzes, and local food, beverages, and sweets.
Unfortunately, we aren’t going to have more cultural nights, but we have already collected memories and moments.“


Erasmus youngsters surely know how to learn effectively and party hard!!
September 6th was a day full of useful activities. We had different sessions running by national teams. Ukrainian and Spanish teams run sessions about crowdfunding and fundraising and also we had a very interesting presentation about Google Ads running by Moldovian team in an interactive way.“

Ce n’est qu’un au revoir,

That’s it, it’s the last day. Last day of an extraordinary adventure, organized by extraordinary people for extraordinary people.
This last day was rich in emotion, laughter, joy, friendship and love.
The day started normally, late breakfast for the majority. Then the latest presentations and a good information session on youth programmes as well as games to make it more attractive.
Then last lunch for some of us, followed by an afternoon in town to enjoy one last time the number 2 coffee and the super market to buy some souvenirs.
The day finally ended with a good barbecue.
then comes the presentation of the certificates. Strong moments in emotion but also in laughter.
And now comes the time to say goodbye.
I really hope we’ll see each other again one day so we can have an even crazier adventure than this one.
Until I see you all again, I wish you all the best.
I love you all

The ninth day of the training was a great opportunity to learn about video-making in session led and facilitated by Sofio. She gave us useful advice for video-filming and highlighted for example, the importance of selecting the correct angle and the use of natural light to ensure the highest video quality.

We were then assigned a subject and dedicated the rest of the day to film videos in small groups of people, which we presented to the rest of the groups and for which we received feedback in the evening. We concluded the day watching our participants’ favourite TEDx talks, an occasion that triggered an interesting debate when one of the participants displayed an LGBTQ video with some sexually explicit material, raising questions about the limits to freedom of speech to speak about a subject some believe is extremely relevant in this part of the world, but which others find uncomfortable or inappropriate.

September 4th – It`s up to you day!

It was the day to go inside Dilijan, the life inside it, people, projects and dreams…we discovered Dilijan Community Center, an amazing space where life happens!

I thin i can talk for all participants when I say that they do a great job, giving people empowerment and a meaning for their lifes improving their skills. Thank you for kindly open us the door and a special thank you to the creative and wonderful Natacha and the special project MADE!

In the afternoon the Portuguese team had a brilliant team building activity, preparing the session about the 6 Thinking Hats, an ideia developed by Edward the Bono. I would like to say that i`m very proud of my team, togheter we are stronger. After the Portuguese session, Florent, Violeta and Arsen, presented their entrepreneurship experiences and it was a way to get to know each other even better.

By night…well it was the cherry on the top of the cake, the intercultural presentation. Armenian team showed us once more how to receive well foreign people and our Spanish neighbours brought many good vibes and energy!

What can I say about today? It was a full day in the better way! Guys, hope all of you are enjoying to be here and if you have a Dream, GO FOR IT and be happy!!




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